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Choosing an API to print and mail checks from can sometimes be very confusing. There are essentially two categories: the online option and the software-based solution. The former is obviously more widely utilized. For example, financial institutions have their own servers that accept requests from banks, credit card companies, online sellers, and others to send verification information about the account or products being requested.

Printing and Mailing API Checks

Once the requests are received, the system would return back the response, usually in a matter of minutes. For printing and mailing API checks, the client-server would connect via the internet to the printing and mailing API software. Once connected, the client-server software would give instructions on how to generate the checks using the request ID that has been provided by the client. This usually happens through the use of the internet interface that is built into the API software. Of course, the printing and mailing services would also work through the use of the internet interface.

The benefits of using an API to print checks are pretty obvious. Printing and mailing API checks are much faster and easier than the manual process. There is no need to run any printing or mailing servers physically. And with the help of online check printing services, clients can also get more checks done at once without any additional costs.

The biggest problem with using an API to create and send checks is the use of blank template variables. Since the printing and mailing services will use the information provided by the client in building the request for the check, the blank variables will automatically be filled in. This means that any information that the client provides such as a social security number or date of birth will automatically be used by the printing software to generate the checks.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this type of mishap from happening. You can specify the ‘api-data-url’ when you set up your API to ensure that your clients can have access to the information they’re requesting. For example, you can set up your printing services so that a request comes in containing the URL for your Instagram page. If the Instagram URL is already included in the ‘xxxx’ part of the URL, the printing services will be redirected to the Instagram page.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to prevent this from happening. In fact, even if you don’t supply a URL for your Instagram page, you can still use the Instagram print preview to provide a preview of the printed checks. You can do this by creating an extension for your API that extends layout block content. For example, you can create a layout block and then add your own shortcode that extends layout. By setting the Instagram style sheet to match your extension, you can provide a preview of your image urls and the like without printing out the image URLs. However, if you do supply the URL in the shortcode, you’ll be redirected to the Instagram page, which means that your clients could potentially open a link to an incorrect page.


If you’d like to help your clients avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to provide them with an image list. When they create a printing request, they’ll provide their URL. You should include a format string that defines which image formats the client can use, such as JPEG or GIF. If you don’t supply a format string, the printing service will ask you what you want it to be used for. In many cases, you’ll be able to specify the format used, which ensures that the printed checks match the image URLs that were supplied.

In addition to checking printing lists for format settings, you can also check for images that are not published on Instagram. In order to do this, you can set the URL parameters of the API request to include a non-published parameter, which will cause the request to fail if any image is non-publishable. The most common problem with this method is that the printed checks often come out slightly different than they would be displayed on the website, but the difference is so slight that it’s rarely worth the effort of making the change. API to print and ship checks are easy to implement and can help your business, even if only slightly, stay competitive in a highly competitive market.

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The industry of freight transportation had witnessed a paradigm shift over the years. The distinctive process of physically transporting commodities and merchandise to places is what people conceive when it comes to this particular industry. However, staying true to its basic services, the business sector has adopted a lot of new things with the pace of time. Companies like Eagle Heights Transportation Inc. have welcomed a gamut of new features along with technology for maximum convenience.

Eagle Heights Transportation Inc

Needless to say, organizations alike to these are currently at the forefront. For the uninitiated who are planning to take service from this B2B enterprises need to stay well-versed with all the facilities and regulations.

All about Freight Industry

Several businesses entail their products to be exported. This is indeed the most taxing part of the workflow, distributing the goods to the retailers or customers as per requirements need skill and momentum. Addressing such needs, thus, businessmen hire transportation specialists like Eagle Heights Transportation Inc to overcome all the stumbling blocks.

Those who are contemplating how the industry works, here is a small summarization;

Export Haul

This step basically deals with transfer of goods from the store house to a warehouse. By warehouse, it is meant a place where a freight forward keep its trucks and other vehicles.

Custom Clearance

Also referred as export customs clearance, this is an important step where the goods get clearance to leave its place for origin. Export custom clearance is vital when it comes to international haul of goods.

Handling of Goods at Origin

It would be a lie if someone tags this process to be hassle-free. Handling of goods is one of the taxing tasks of this entire process. However, opting for an estimable service like Eagle Heights Transportation Inc. can execute the procedure with zero flaws. Starting from unloading to inspecting, validating to final loading, the skilled workers take care of every hassle seamlessly.

Eagle Heights Transportation Mississauga

Clearance Related to Import

This is another step which entails a whole lot of paperwork to get the final consent. The authorities usually verify the documents issued against the goods and cargos.

Handling of Goods at Destination

Once the cargos reach the destination, the goods are taken at the warehouse. These are sorted out and grouped into different categories.

Import Haul

The last stage is the obvious one which includes transfer of cargo to its final destination.

Needless to say, a businessman even with proper compendium will fail to execute the entire process alone. Thus, enterprises like Eagle Heights Transportation Mississauga come to rescue. It is now easily evident that the strength of a freight forwarder is imperative. However, apart from the easy transportation of goods, the service offers a lot more to the businessmen. In fact, with the growing needs of demand and supply in the logistic industry, the companies are going beyond the usual to come up with maximum convenience.

Some of the supreme advantages that the owners of the logistic industry can enjoy are as follows:


Often it is seen many businesses try to have their own fleet for the consequent export and import of their goods. However, the end result is no less than a huge failure. With an unprecedented increase in budget, a lot of companies are often even bankrupted. On the other front, opting for a cargo service like Eagle Heights Transportation Inc. is absolutely cost-effective. Hiring such a service can cut down the expense as a whole.

From maintaining the fleet of cargos to the hiring team, getting approval to making logistic routes, the entire process requires a handsome sum. The smart businessmen will always opt for trucking services to save the entire operational cost. 

Eagle Heights Transportation Inc


By going for a professional cargo service, a business owner can enjoy seamless delivery of goods. A licensed company is always trustworthy to conduct the process of export and import. For instance, Eagle Heights Transportation Inc is one of the leading services which have adequate experience and expertise in the market. People who are planning to get the convenience of cargos can look for similar companies.

Lesser Risk

Safety happens to be the key element and a professional service is quite aware of the fact. Thus, the assigned staffs including the drivers are licensed to dodge the potentiality of any hazard. One must note that each of the employees in the service of this sort is hired after proper examination & background check.

People who are looking for cargo services must do their research before settling for one. It is always recommended to go for a company with a licensed and expert team who strive to provide quality service at the time of need.

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2019 will be a dynamic year for SEO. So, if you’re a marketer looking to invest in SEO  in Toronto, it is time you take responsibility before things get out of hand. The reason being the arena of SEO will witness a vibrant change owing AI, augmented reality and voice search.

This is why; it is vital that you are aware of the dominating SEO trends that will control the digital economy this year. So, without wasting time, this blog will elucidate a few new trends in SEO that can help you develop a foolproof SEO strategy.

toronto seo service

  1. Web-Audience above All

You already know that as part of your SEO in Toronto, simply hurling keywords in your content won’t rank it. Owing to AI-powered RankBrain Google first studies the intent of the keyword and only ranks content if the keyword matches audience requirements.

This is why the key focus for enhanced SEO should be placed under search intent. Find out the purpose of your user’s search query. Use AI generated tools if necessary to get an insight and discover related keywords or shortcomings in your SEO tactics.

Once you gather sufficient vision of what your audience wants and how to improve their experience, frame a foolproof SEO strategy and rank with ease on SERP.

seo in toronto

  1. Ensure to Introduce Voice Search Strategy

For your SEO in Toronto campaign to be successful you already know that you need to optimize content for voice search. Similarly, you need to introduce a voice search for your business. In case you don’t you have a chance of losing to your competitors who are optimizing their business online for voice search.

After all, by mid-2019, 62% of web users confirmed that they will be using voice search speakers for buying a service or product.

  1. Video Content Will Lead

As part of your SEO strategy ensure that you pay utmost attention to video optimization. A 1-minute video approximately is worth 1.8 million words. Additionally, by using proper channel description, name and channel keywords you can share the video of social media and otherwise to gain numerous followers.

This will further help boost website traffic, as an interesting, funny and creative video is bound to gather the attention of niche users.

toronto seo agency

  1. Dominate Social Media

As part of your SEO in Toronto strategy, social media advertising should be placed under priority. To understand more, let’s check a few facts:

  • 42% of online users have more than one social media accounts.
  • Instagram and Facebook have the highest level of online user engagement.
  • 73% of online adult users have at least one social media account.
  • 83% of brands have a social media presence including your competition.

All in all, social media offers the chance to directly engage with customers by generating ephemeral content and other interactive sessions. This helps marketers understand their audience’s behavior, needs, and requests.

As a result, catering to these will assure your brand excellent SEO in Toronto. So, hurry! Visit your best SEO Company today and implement the above strategies to stay ahead of your business competition in 2019.

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Nowadays, it’s a real challenge to find great car rental deals. In fact, hunting for the best rental price takes a lot of time. You might have often observed that the car rental rates vary day to day. Although experts from the car rental industry find it to be very common incident, for customers it can be a very great thing.

The pricing process can be very difficult for some people to understand. In fact, many people think that Mississauga car rental services are very expensive. However, experts from the car rental industry can help travelers to save their hard earned money. They would ensure that travelers are not hit by the high car-rental rates.

mississauga car rental

Saving On Car Rentals

Want to save some bucks on your next car rental booking? This blog will simply share some tips with you so that it won’t cost you much. Take a look below:

  • Don’t Book a Prepaid Rental

When booking for a car, you will come across numerous car rental companies that offers a small amount of discount to customers, when they prepay. However, going for those car rental companies is not at all a wise idea. It’s because if the rental prices drop, customers won’t be able to save any money. However, many Mississauga car rental companies allow customers to track the rental rates along with the cost that the competitor company charges.

  • Renting For a Long Time

Car rental experts opine that renting a car for a longer period of time is a better option. Most business traveler book rentals for a short time and the car rental industry know it well. Hence, they charge more from travelers. However, if one books it for a long time then the customer can save a lot of money.

  • Avoid Renting at Airport

According to Mississauga car rental experts, it would be better if one avoids renting from car rental agencies that are located nearby the airport. This is because the agencies charge 25% of the airport tax from the customers apart from the rental rate.

car rental mississauga

  • Renting Same Company

Travelers can save a lot of money on their car rentals is by booking with the same company. One can return the car once the person is dropped at the airport. Usually, the airport tax is charged for rental pick-ups. Hence, one can easily avoid it.

  • Using Reputed Sites

Industry experts mention that customers can use reputed sites in order to get up to 50% off on the rental rates. However, while booking Mississauga car rental through these sites one won’t be able to learn about the company until booking gets completed.

  • Considering Less-Known Brands

Popular car transportation brands, such as Avis or Hertz or Enterprise can charge a lot of money from their customers. However, lesser known brands can offer rentals at a cheaper rate. Hence, travelers can book them and save a lot of money.

Hence, finding great Mississauga car rental deals would not only change the game but would help one to save a lot of money. Read this interesting blog on travelling and car rental in Toronto here or for more information visit:

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When you land at the airport at Toronto, one of your first worries will be about the transportation. Of course, if it has already been prearranged then you will have fewer worries to contend with. On the other hand, you will certainly want to have a relaxing trip to your destination or hotel. If that is what you want, you should consider using airport limo Toronto. There are actually several reasons why this will be an excellent idea.

Higher Degree of Comfort

Of course, one of the main features of a limo is that it offers an excellent degree of comfort to the passengers. The seats will be made of plush upholstery which helps you relax completely as you are taken to your destination. At the same time, there will be several other features in the limo which can make the journey more comfortable for you.

For example, you get access to a music system or even a complete entertainment system. A bar might also be present in the limo. You will certainly be grateful for these features if you have a long way to go or if you just had a very hectic trip.

toronto limo service

Fewer Hassles

Another excellent benefit of hiring a limo is that there are fewer hassles to contend with. After all, there will be a chauffeur to take care of things. For example, the chauffeur will take on the responsibility of ensuring that all of your bags and luggage have been carefully loaded onto the limo.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about whether you are heading in the right direction. That will be taken care of by the chauffeur. Chauffeurs are generally knowledgeable about the areas they drive in. As such, they know which route will allow them to reach the destination in the shortest possible time. You can even ask the chauffeur to direct you to the best eateries in case you are hungry after the trip.

Complete Reliability

Another advantage of hiring a limo service is that you can rely on them. Of course, you have to check the agency first. Nonetheless, all the reputable limo services take steps to ensure that you get the best possible service. As such, they will take the necessary steps to give you the service you desire.

Apart from picking you up from the airport, they can provide you with sightseeing services in case you are new the city. In the same way, they can help you get to the airport when you are planning to catch a flight next. Limo services are highly concerned about punctuality. Therefore, they will reach the pickup point well in advance so that there are no wait times at all. You will also reach your destination with time to spare. This is beneficial if you were heading to a conference.

As you can see, there are several reasons why hiring a limo service for your transportation needs is a great idea. All you need to do is ensure that the right service has been hired for the purpose.

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Every person has a desire to ride in a limousine and feel like an important VIP. It makes you feel just like a celebrity. With so many companies all over the world, it has become much easier to rent limo these days.

The vehicles are available to you whenever you require them. Hiring a limousine has several advantages. The best way to travel to a party these days is to hire a limousine.

It is always better to hire a limousine rather than driving all the way to the party. You can now head to Toronto downtown and hit your party in a luxury limo service Toronto.

Elegance and Comfort

Everybody will accept the fact that limousines are magnificent vehicles which offer the travelers optimum comfort. You will not be able to enjoy such comfort in any other car. You will be able to ride to party in ease with your friends as well.

toronto limo

There is no other vehicle that will be able to match the elegance that is offered by the limousines. When you step of the limousine in the party you make heads turn. It is the best way to make a grand impression on the people present in the party. Your friends will be impressed to see you riding in a limousine.


Limousine services offer you licensed and trained drivers who will take you to the destination. The drivers are also trained by the company to make sure that they aren’t only expert drivers but also have the right personality which includes punctuality, honesty, integrity, and courtesy. This will out you at ease when you take the ride with the driver.

You will also be able to drink freely in the party and not worry about driving back home. Your driver is there to take care of it.


There are several amenities in the limousine which you will be able to use during the ride to the party. There is a built-in TV and a sound system. Thus, you do not have to wait to reach the venue in order to get the party started. If you want to some refreshment then you can select alcoholic, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. There are also some light snacks. In case, your phone is out of charge then you do not need to worry, the limousines have charging point. Hence, you can click as much pictures as you want without worrying about the charge being over.

Door-to-Door Service

Limousine services offer door-to-door services. When you hire them the chauffeur will be waiting to take you to the party even before time. Also, you will not have to bother about finding a transport in the late night as the limousine will be there to drop you off.

If you hire a limousine for a party then you will be able to enjoy the party to the fullest. Also, it is considered to be the safest choice and you will not have to worry about traffic or driving alone through the unknown roads.

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Before the invention of the highly protected armored cars, carrying invaluable items and currency was done through a very discreet procedure with a person dressed up like a regular courier delivery guy and travelling through the normal transit even though being armed. Another way of moving high volumes of currency and important protected documents was through the use of armed forces. If you were a highly influential political figure or a high profile celebrity, you would be given personal armed protection d multiple cars would go around with you. The main issues with these two ways of securely transporting valuable items were that security could still be breached easily.

With a normal person carrying courier like a layman, any person with this info would try to mob that single guy. Another drawback is the quantity of goods transported at each time. You cannot rely on a single to person to transport large volumes of valuable goods. Neither could you fully rely on the armed forces to protect the high profile figure because a larger force could easily over the security. With more and more advancement in weapons, the need for armored protection increased. With the success of military armored cars, more and more companies began designing and reinventing to make armored car and trucks.

The first attempt to make any commercial armored trucks came after the world war when the military armored cars were a big combat success in World War 1. Due to the increase in violent robberies of pay checks and messengers carrying deposits, the demand for armored and bullet proof cars increased. More and more companies started using more lightweight alloys of steel to for the basic design and construction to increase efficiency. With modern innovations, all companies now track each armored car with the help of GPS system to ensure the truck/car is safe and the person or the valuable items are transported safely and securely.  armored car

The Inkas Armored car company has been providing optimal protection though armored cars and trucks since 1996. With a wide range of fleet from Sedans to luxury SUVs to special purpose military vehicles, you can be assured to get the best armored protection from one of the most reputed automobile makers. Contact the office now or visit the website for more info. Read here more on the popularity of armored cars in wedding events.

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