4 SEO Trends That Will Dominate the Online Economy in 2019

2019 will be a dynamic year for SEO. So, if you’re a marketer looking to invest in SEO  in Toronto, it is time you take responsibility before things get out of hand. The reason being the arena of SEO will witness a vibrant change owing AI, augmented reality and voice search.

This is why; it is vital that you are aware of the dominating SEO trends that will control the digital economy this year. So, without wasting time, this blog will elucidate a few new trends in SEO that can help you develop a foolproof SEO strategy.

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  1. Web-Audience above All

You already know that as part of your SEO in Toronto, simply hurling keywords in your content won’t rank it. Owing to AI-powered RankBrain Google first studies the intent of the keyword and only ranks content if the keyword matches audience requirements.

This is why the key focus for enhanced SEO should be placed under search intent. Find out the purpose of your user’s search query. Use AI generated tools if necessary to get an insight and discover related keywords or shortcomings in your SEO tactics.

Once you gather sufficient vision of what your audience wants and how to improve their experience, frame a foolproof SEO strategy and rank with ease on SERP.

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  1. Ensure to Introduce Voice Search Strategy

For your SEO in Toronto campaign to be successful you already know that you need to optimize content for voice search. Similarly, you need to introduce a voice search for your business. In case you don’t you have a chance of losing to your competitors who are optimizing their business online for voice search.

After all, by mid-2019, 62% of web users confirmed that they will be using voice search speakers for buying a service or product.

  1. Video Content Will Lead

As part of your SEO strategy ensure that you pay utmost attention to video optimization. A 1-minute video approximately is worth 1.8 million words. Additionally, by using proper channel description, name and channel keywords you can share the video of social media and otherwise to gain numerous followers.

This will further help boost website traffic, as an interesting, funny and creative video is bound to gather the attention of niche users.

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  1. Dominate Social Media

As part of your SEO in Toronto strategy, social media advertising should be placed under priority. To understand more, let’s check a few facts:

  • 42% of online users have more than one social media accounts.
  • Instagram and Facebook have the highest level of online user engagement.
  • 73% of online adult users have at least one social media account.
  • 83% of brands have a social media presence including your competition.

All in all, social media offers the chance to directly engage with customers by generating ephemeral content and other interactive sessions. This helps marketers understand their audience’s behavior, needs, and requests.

As a result, catering to these will assure your brand excellent SEO in Toronto. So, hurry! Visit your best SEO Company today and implement the above strategies to stay ahead of your business competition in 2019.