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Have you ever planned to travel in a luxurious limousine? For ages, limousines have remained as the popular mode of transport for high-profile people. As a matter of fact, taking a ride in a limousine can be a casual thing for VIPs or celebrities. However, for some people taking a ride on a limo can be something exotic. However, before you develop your love for the limo, it would be interesting if you know how executive limo manufacturer designs and develops a limo.

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Exciting Things to Know

If you are new to the world of limos and limousines, you would be amazed to learn how limos are developed.  The process can seem a challenging task. However, once the design gets completed, one gets to see a luxurious vehicle which provides high-level of comfort that one aspires for.

Usually, a regular Sedan is transformed into a stretched limousine. The limousines get decked with high-end amenities so that the ride remains a comfortable one. As a matter of fact, most of the limousines appear like a regular luxury vehicle. However, the stretched limousines are worthy of attention.

In fact, the stretched limos are ideal for carrying 8-20 people based on its seating capacity. Executive limo manufacturer is designing limos for different occasions, such as prom nights, wedding, business meetings, and more.

How Are They Made?

The stretched limousines are developed from the same luxury vehicles. After purchase, they are taken to the workshop where the car gets a complete revamp both from the outside and inside. However, some stores work on the bodies of the car in order to build it with steel or aluminum or other materials.

After stretching the front and the back end of the limo will attach the base. Then they will weld the body and install floor, suspension, brakes, and steering. After that, they will fit the chassis in such a way that it remains safe. The re-enforced basic components would pass the road safety measures. After that, it gets painted so that it can match the color of the limo.

However, executive limo manufacturer feels that there are some more details that go into the making of a stretch limo. For instance, in order to transform a normal car into a stretched limousine, works on extended tailpipes and brake lines are taken into account. Similarly, attaching temporary braces is important for limiting warping and twisting. In the same way, installation of pillar posts is taken into account.

One important thing that goes into the making of a stretched limousine is the interiors of the limousines.

The Interiors

Executive limo manufacturer defines that the interior of the limousine forms an important part. The interiors are designed using high-endelegant items. The items are selected separately depending on the limousines.executive limo manufacturer

Talking about the seating, one gets to see bench seats that can run lengthwise. Or one can get seating arrangements in the form of right angles. Moreover, plush leather fabrics are used. The leather seats perfectly go well with the lavish interiors and surrounding. Usually, the surrounding of the limousines comes with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, LED strobe lights, beverage and drinks counter, and temperature control units.

Well, a limousine ride can provide a great experience to the riders. Executive limo manufacturer can customize your car into a limousine and provide you with a unique limo experience.

Armoured Cars & Limousines

Before the invention of the highly protected armored cars, carrying invaluable items and currency was done through a very discreet procedure with a person dressed up like a regular courier delivery guy and travelling through the normal transit even though being armed. Another way of moving high volumes of currency and important protected documents was through the use of armed forces. If you were a highly influential political figure or a high profile celebrity, you would be given personal armed protection d multiple cars would go around with you. The main issues with these two ways of securely transporting valuable items were that security could still be breached easily.

With a normal person carrying courier like a layman, any person with this info would try to mob that single guy. Another drawback is the quantity of goods transported at each time. You cannot rely on a single to person to transport large volumes of valuable goods. Neither could you fully rely on the armed forces to protect the high profile figure because a larger force could easily over the security. With more and more advancement in weapons, the need for armored protection increased. With the success of military armored cars, more and more companies began designing and reinventing to make armored car and trucks.

The first attempt to make any commercial armored trucks came after the world war when the military armored cars were a big combat success in World War 1. Due to the increase in violent robberies of pay checks and messengers carrying deposits, the demand for armored and bullet proof cars increased. More and more companies started using more lightweight alloys of steel to for the basic design and construction to increase efficiency. With modern innovations, all companies now track each armored car with the help of GPS system to ensure the truck/car is safe and the person or the valuable items are transported safely and securely.  armored car

The Inkas Armored car company has been providing optimal protection though armored cars and trucks since 1996. With a wide range of fleet from Sedans to luxury SUVs to special purpose military vehicles, you can be assured to get the best armored protection from one of the most reputed automobile makers. Contact the office now or visit the website for more info. Read here more on the popularity of armored cars in wedding events.

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