Pet Bathing: Why It Is Done Before and After Boarding

Although you’d like to spend every waking moment with your dog, there comes a time you’ll need to locate an appropriate boarding facility that is reputable for them, whether you’re at work or taking a well-deserved vacation. It’s stress-inducing for both the dog and you when you need to be away for the first time. Therefore, getting your dog ready is crucial.

Your pet’s grooming is an essential part of getting your pet ready for boarding. Regular grooming involves an extensive cleansing of the nails, trimming and shaping the hair, looking at the ears, cleaning the teeth, and conditioning the hair and skin. Grooming isn’t just a way to pamper your pet; it’s essential for their overall health.

Benefits of Grooming Before and After Boarding

A grooming session for your dog is beneficial for them in numerous ways. One question is whether or not you need to groom your pet before and after boarding the dog.

Here are some great reasons to consider:

Detect Health Conditions

The grooming process will help your dog appear neat and attractive and allow you to see its skin more apparent and the general condition of its health. It also allows you to spot any scratches, cuts, lumps, or bumps on the skin, which can alert you to potential health problems before they become more severe.

It is possible to bring your pet in for an examination and be treated promptly for any issues that may arise before boarding. After the boarding process, you can examine the level of care given to your pet.

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Identify Parasites and Prevent Spread

Parasites can easily be detected and prevented with the help of thorough grooming. Pets can be infected with internal parasites because of dirty paws or a dirty coat. Similarly dangerous to your companion are external parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mange, which can lead to skin irritations and other health issues.

If you bathe your animal before dog kenneling, you can get it treated to stop parasites from spreading to other animals. In addition, if you perform this action after having your pet boarded, you won’t have to be concerned about your pet getting any parasites that are brought back into the home.

Encourages Positive Behavior

This is considered one of the reasons to keep your pet groomed. A grooming session for your pet can positively affect their emotional health. A pet that has a lovely scent and appearance is an enjoyable experience. The pet’s mood will change due to positive feedback from people, which will then translate to more positive behavior.

Grooming your canine before boarding will help it to feel more comfortable with those who handle it, which will help lower anxiety. In addition, you will need to ensure that your dog is clean and in good condition when you arrive back.

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Grooming your pet is a responsibility that should not be undertaken lightly. Pets are susceptible to developing ailments if their owners do not groom them properly. In addition, pet owners are responsible for taking precautions against the spread of illness and parasites, especially when boarding their pets.