Vacationing Without Pets? How to Maintain Their Happiness and Health

Can’t stand the thought of taking a trip without your pets on your side? Whether you’re leaving for the weekend or a more prolonged period, you can guarantee their wellness in a number of ways. It might be hard to leave your pets, but making advanced preparations can help ease your distress and provide you peace of mind.

So, how can you guarantee your pets are cared for while you’re away?

How to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy While You’re Away

Here’s how:

1. Find a Reliable Boarding Facility

Picking a dependable boarding facility is essential to maintaining your pets’ health and happiness while you are gone. Search for facilities with knowledgeable staff, clean and roomy lodgings, and activities and socializing options for your pets. In addition, check testimonials from other pet owners and get tips from your veterinarian or friends who have currently utilized boarding services. Picking a suitable animal boarding facility will provide peace of mind knowing that your pet is in outstanding care.

2. Think About Remote Pet Monitoring

When you are away from home for an extended time, consider utilizing technology to monitor your pet remotely, providing peace of mind and guaranteeing their safety. Additional alternatives include two-way audio cameras, automated feeds, and interactive playthings controlled with your phone. You may utilize these technologies to monitor your pet throughout the day and even interact with them to give added stimulation and affection.

3. Leave Sufficient Food and Drink

While leaving your pet behind, one essential consideration is their food and water supply. Make sure you have enough food and drink for your absence, plus a few extras in case something fails. If your pet has special dietary needs, notify the boarding facility or pet sitter.

For example, you have exotic animals like lizards and chameleons. Since these creatures might need specific diets and reptile veterinary care that differ from typical felines and canines, it is crucial to give particular instructions on their meal habits and interests. It’s also a great strategy to leave your and your veterinarian’s contact information in case of any emergencies.

4. Leave Clear Directions for Your Pet’s Care

It is critical to provide specific information for your pet’s care as recommended by animal specialists like veterinarians in Jackson while you are away to ensure their well-being and enjoyment. Provide information on their food schedule, needed medications, and how frequently they must be permitted outdoors or taken for a stroll. It’s also an excellent approach to incorporate any peculiar habits or oddities your pet has and any preferences they have for toys or leisure activities. This will aid the caregiver in providing the best care possible for your pet.

5. Ensure Your Pet Obtains Enough Exercise and Playtime

Daily exercise and playtime are essential for the health and wellness of your pet. Depending on your pet’s breed, this may involve frequent walks, play activities, or some time outdoors. Discuss your pet’s activity requirements with whoever cares for them while you are away. Toys and puzzles might also assist your pet in staying cognitively occupied and avoiding boredom. Remember, a well-exercised and delighted pet is a happy one.


It does not need to be a difficult experience for you to leave your pets behind while you go on a trip. You can keep your pets healthy and happy while away by taking the required prep work and care procedures. Pet caregivers and boarding centers are realistic pet care options. Also, researching and choosing the best option for your pet’s demands is crucial. Appropriate prep work and interaction enable you to enjoy your time away while knowing your pets are in good hands.